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Malwarebytes and Windows Defender

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Loaded a new HP Window 10 Laptop with Malwarebytes (MB) premium three days ago. Today I checked Windows Defender (WD) and a message comes up saying WD has been turned off. With an instruction that if using additional AV software to go to "Updates and Security" and check that apps status. Going there I don't see how to check the status and WD status show enabled but grayed out and non-responsive,

I disabled Malware bytes and rebooted and checked WD and got the same message. On my previous laptop WD and MB played will together from day one with no compatibility issues or need to enter any exemptions. Any suggestions?

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Hello and :welcome:, @Garther:

MBAM is not an anti-virus and does not report to the Windows Action Center as an AV.
So, it's not MBAM that has disabled WD.

Perhaps your new laptop came with a trial version of a 3rd-party AV installed?
That program more than likely would have at least partially disabled WD (realtime protection, if not the new "idle", background scanning feature under Win 10 v. 1607).
Sometimes, when the AV is uninstalled, WD does not properly re-enable (often due to remnants of the AV).

And, yes, MBAM runs just fine alongside WD on Win10.
So, the issue may be related to an incomplete removal of an AV program and/or to a failure of WD to turn back on after removing that AV?

>>What AV came with the HP laptop?
>>What AV are you running now on the system?

In order to better diagnose and resolve your issue, it would help to have a bit more system information.
To provide that info, please follow the advice here: Diagnostic Logs
Then, please ATTACH all 3 logs to your next reply (FRST.txt, Addition.txt, CheckResults.txt).



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