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spyware notice from microsoft lock up


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Similar to these ? 

If yes, they are scam websites and do not emanate from your PC so neither MSE or MBAM will react to it.  It comes from the POV of the Internet, not your computer.

( All the below videos werere captured from such scam sites )

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@gogiburn, just letting you know that I moved your topic to the General Windows PC Help section of our forums.

As to your original issue, what the others have posted is spot on. Put another way, it is simply a pop-up page that uses legit code to try and trick you in to calling the scammer. There isn't any malicious code or exploits at play. It's social engineering.

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We do generally try to block these when we find them via our Malicious Website Protection feature, however tons of new ones show up every day as this has become an extremely prevalent means of scamming people.  If you find such a website and can make a note of the address, it would be most helpful if you reported it in our Newest IP or URL Threats section of the forums located here so that our Research team might add it to our block list.

As for dealing with one of these pop-ups when they show up, the best method I've found is to open Task Manager by pressing CTRL+Shift+Esc on your keyboard or right-clicking on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen and selecting Start Task Manager and then locating your web browser's process in the list of running processes then right-clicking on it and choosing End Process.  Click Yes when Task Manager asks for confirmation and the browser should close, ridding you of the annoying persistent pop-up/message/audio from the webpage.  Just note that it will also most likely close any other pages/tabs you had open.

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