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MalwareBytes Doesn't Automatically Start under Windows 10


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I upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Under Windows 7 MalwareBytes automatically started when I boot the PC. Since I have upgraded to Windows 10, the application does not automatically start. I have to manually start the application. I checked the options in MalwareBytes and it is set to automatically start with Windows. I have checked the Startup folder for Windows and added MalwareBytes to it. I also checked the Startup tab in CCleaner and it is enabled. Is there another option somewhere that I am missing?


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Did you look for the blue-color icon on the taskbar for the Malwarebytes icon?   on the right hand side near the clock ?

If not there, did you look at and click the white color single "up arrow chevron" to see if the icon is there and grouped along with the other hidden auto-started apps?

Click on the white up-arrow-chevron  and see if Malwarebytes is there.

Another way to look is to bring up Windows Task Manager and then see if you see the Malwarebytes services.


Another view and quick visual checkup :

I would like for you to start the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program.  Please look at the Dashboard screen.  Does it have the 3rd bar from the top show "Your system is fully protected" ?
Click the *Settings* icon >> then *Detection and Protection*
are the 2 protections on for Malware protection + Malicious website protection ?    
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I just re-booted the PC and MalwareBytes icon is showing in the Notification area on the taskbar. The only change I had made was to right-click on the application in the Startup folder and checked the 'Run as Administrator' option before I re-booted. I don't know if this caused it to start automatically or not. I will continue to monitor over the next few days and post back if there are any problems.

To answer some of your questions:

1) I don't have the notification area hide icons nor do I group them. All active applications should show.

2) On the Dashboard screen the 3rd bar from the top shows "Your system is fully protected".

3) The 2 protections are On for Malware protection + Malicious website protection on the MalwareBytes Settings tab.


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