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.lnk files found in cloud


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Hey guys, I've been having a lot of trouble with my Pc and laptops. Ive been here recently for help but due to lack of time on my end, I ended up going down my own path. The help i did get was fantastic and I thank gringo for his time and patience. This is my previous thread. 

Now im back with a question, I've cleaned 3 out of 5 computers and to the best of my knowlage they are malware free, I noticed on the laptop I'm doing now i noticed some files, jpg, doc and dat had been changed to .lnk

Running a scanner over the laptop wont be a problem but they are in my google drive, one drive and a high chance in other backup/storage devices. Which might explain whh my pc went nuts after syncing my google drive.

So the question is, how do i scan cloud storage besides a file search and remove these files. 

Also can variants of this disable scaners by the registry  and control network devices like bluetooth along the normal WiFi/lan.

And last highly unlikely one, if it can control Bluetooth and wifi, could it transfer from a android phone to widows or visa versa.




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