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need offline instaltion of Malwarebytes for Android 5.01 samsug phone

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I just downloaded a ringtone app from the Google Play Store and I have just started to get a compete redirect to  live.banachpuritanamount.  The first page wants me to spin a slot app for $4M and change. The second page is asking for permisson to scan my phone to see if they have any apps that would be useful for my Samsung S4. It is aggressive enough that it tries to block a restart or powerdown  I have deleted the file that was downloaded without any effect on this **!!@!!. Is there any way of getting a malwarebytes scan & clean when I can't access the internet?

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Hi suti49,

Malwarebytes Anti-malware for Android does not feature web protection which means that it will not block pop-ups you get or prevent redirects when browsing the web.

The way around those popups or redirecting sites is to close the web browser and start over or tap the back button on your Home screen.

You may want to also clear the web browser app data as well.

To do that, go to the Android Settings > General > Apps.

Locate the name of the web browser from the list and tap to open its settings.

You should see a Clear Data button on the following App info screen. If you do not, tap on the STORAGE option where you should find it.

Tap the Clear Data button.

Close settings.

Let me know if this helps.

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I was able to get to the Malwarebytes site by deleting the tabs in my browser and creating a new one. This came up with my normal home page and I coul get the download.  I hadn't tried this earlier because my ISP does something similar but when I delete and create a new tab, it comes up with the same advertising page that I get on bootup.

Malewarebytes did find a rogue file as did Vipre, "MoboMarket035.apk" on my sd card (in Downloads) but couldn't remove it. I had to delete this one manually. Then I removed the RCPRingtones app from myFiles and my phone now appears to be clean

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