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explorer.exe FP


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Hi. I could not submit this in the normal way because while the file was detected it did not get moved to quarantine. My situation happened when I was deleting some folders/files from an external hard drive. Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware popped up and said "explorer.exe" was bad and I don't believe it is. I have attached a screenshot of the issue. Please let me know what you find. I say again while the file was detected I looked and it was NOT moved to quarantine.

False Positive- MB- explorer.gif

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Hi BlackHawk--

I would suggest upgrading to the latest Beta, which was just released last week.  You're actually running Beta 6, and we're now on Beta 8, so there have been a number of improvements and hopefully you won't see these types of "false alarms" any longer.

You shouldn't need to worry if nothing is showing in Quarantine now. 


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hi bdubrow

i have the latest beta installed but i have the same problem with explorer.exe (except computer-wide)

the exclusion list entry is ignored (and explorer never shows in quarantine either)

disabling Anti-Ransomware makes no difference

shutting MBAR down completely allows explorer to be accessed (by any method)

this was random until last Thursday (sept 15th) when it has become a permanently irritating feature

any help would be gratefully received


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