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There are several improvements that this software needs. First, turn off the worthless control panel that starts when you boot, as the symbol in the active (bottom right of screen) section is sufficient. It's just an annoyance to have to close it every time you boot. Second, do something with the control panel/gui. It does not do anything! You cannot update, there's no "about malwarebytes anti ransomware" place to click to check the version, nor anything else at all to set preferences from. Does it auto update? Do I want it to? Can I get it to white-list? On-off button? Zero options for anything! I've never had a ransomware issue, but I've spent a lot of time repairing bricked units (I repair pc's) to know that this is a much needed software. I seriously cannot recommend this to people until it becomes an alpha version. Thanks for trying to do this, in any event.

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Hi batsude--

Seems like you might still have an earlier beta version installed.  We recently released Beta 8 and you should no longer see the behavior of the main program window displaying every time you boot.

As for the other comments, please note that this product is not currently planned to be released as a standalone product.  Rather, it will eventually be integrated into our other core products.  In the meantime, this beta is focused on fine-tuning the actual detection techniques so we didn't spend a lot of time designing the interface.

That said, you really shouldn't need a lot of configuration options as the product is pretty straightforward and all the main functionality required is right there and easily accessible from the main Dashboard:

  • Main Dashboard allows you to Start and Stop protection, which is the equivalent of an On / Off button.  That's also where you'll find the About button.
  • Click the Exclusions tab to add items you want Anti-Ransomware protection to ignore (i.e. whitelist).
  • Quarantine lets you view and manage any items that Anti-Ransomware has quarantined.

Here's a screenshot for reference:

arw dash.PNG

If you're not seeing the above, perhaps there was an issue with your installation?

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First off, this is EXACTLY the screen that I DO NOT want to see at boot! Secondly I am not some "newbie" (what a stupid word!), and have been programming for over 30 years, so save the kindergarden explanations for kindergardeners, I know what the buttons are supposed to do- "duh"! Third, If it is not going to be a stand alone, it is now uninstalled. I cannot recommend a product to any of my customers, that I do sys maintenance and repairs for, that is part of a package they do not need many parts of. Further, I will not be malwarebytes guinea pig, any more than I'll be Microsoft's with their Win 10 farce (I personally use Linux). I already know exactly how to not get ransomware, but was testing this for recommendation to my customers, which is not going to happen now, as there's now reason to.


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