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Can't run mbam.exe

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I have 2 viruses on my computer (DNS Changer and Virut) and when I heard of MBAM is downloaded it with no problem. When I try to run it, it doesn't open. So I googled my problem to fix it. I saw the solution, to rename mbam.exe. I tried it. It wouldn't let me write in the folder so I placed the new mbam.exe (xxx.exe) file on my desktop. I tried to open it and this is the error message I got, "Error Code: 707 (3)". If you could tell me how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated. Just tell me anything to run mbam.exe (don't care if have to download programs)!

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The Virut virus is a file infector infection. Most experts suggest a format/reinstall.

Virut File Infector Warning

Your system is infected with the Win32.Virut virus.
Virus:Win32 VIRUT

Your system is infected with a polymorphic file infector called Virut. Virut is capable of infecting all the machine's executable files (.exe) and screensaver files (.scr) and also web pages (.html and .htm). However, the problem is that the virus has a number of bugs in its code, and as a result, it may misinfect a proportion of executable files and therefore, the files are corrupted beyond repair. As of now, security experts suggest that a clean reformat is the only way to clean the infection and it is the only way to return the machine to its normal working state.

Backup all your documents and important items (personal data, work documents, etc) only.
backup any executable files (softwares) and screensavers (*.scr) or any web pages (*.html or *.htm). It attempts to infect any accessed .exe or .scr or .html/.htm files by appending itself to the executable.

Also, try to avoid backing up compressed files (zip/cab/rar) files that have .exe or .scr files inside them. Virut can penetrate and infect .exe files inside compressed files too.

Disconnect it from any Network and do not share external USB drives or similar devices with any other computer as it can easily infect them as well if they're not protected from this Virus.
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