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mbam database out of date issue

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Hi experts,

1. I have a fairly new laptop and installed MBAM free trial last July and purchased the premium license last August. Just recently, the program says "your databases are out of date" but when I click 'update' or 'fix now', it says "no updates available" (see screenshot below).



2. I also checked the application log in the program and I saw that when updating, it is "unable to access update server".

mbam 2.PNG

3. You may also see the FRST logs attached.



4. I am also using McAfee AV ever since. Thinking it may have affected MBAM, I temporarily disabled the firewall to check the MBAM update but to no avail. MBAM programs are included in the allowed programs list.

5. I also noticed that I cannot download any MBAM tools via correct links (with any browser). Seems something is blocking the access to any malwarebytes downloads.




6. Finally, when support provided me the actual repair file, I met another setback.



Right now I am stuck and not sure on what to do so I am hoping someone can help me please! Thanks!


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Hello helpp and :welcome:


6. Finally, when support provided me the actual repair file, I met another setback.

If the above "support" you are referring to is the Malwarebytes Help Desk, please stay with your representative there and update your open ticket with the results you have related here.  It would be counter-productive if differing forum instructions were to interfere with the efforts of another.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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