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Am I infected?

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I've noticed my pc has often become very busy and even freezing even if I'm not doing anything on it. I couldnt set up my malwarebytes anti-malware and thought it was due to MS Defender. When running Defender it would run and run but never really give any report. Today I tried to change back to malwarebytes and I coulnd't.

I ran the two reports attached.
I dont recognize this (hosted by http://websitewelcome.com/) www.advanced-printerzzzs.com (one of my domains with a modified ending).
I also see dropbox mentioned in document, I havent used Dropbox for a very long time (years).

Thanks for *any* input!



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Hello and :welcome:


cmd_icon.png Check Disk

  • Press the WindowsKey.png on your keyboard. Type cmd and right click >> Run as Administrator.
  • Copy/Enter the command below and press Enter:
  • chkdsk C: /r
  • You should get a message to schedule Check Disk at next system restart. Please type Y and press Enter.
  • All you should do now is to restart your PC and let the Check Disk process finish uninterrupted.

Check Disk report:

  • Press the WindowsKey.png + R on your keyboard at the same time. Type eventvwr and click OK.
  • In the left panel, expand Windows Logs and then click on Application.
  • Now, on the right side, click on Filter Current Log.
  • Under Event Sources, check only Wininit and click OK.
  • Now you'll be presented with one or multiple Wininit logs.
  • Click on an entry corresponding to the date and time of the disk check.
  • On the top main menu, click Action > Copy > Copy Details as Text.
  • Paste the contents into your next reply.

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It looks okay. Let's make some maintenance:


FRST.gif Fix with Farbar Recovery Scan Tool

icon_exclaim.gif This fix was created for this user for use on that particular machine. icon_exclaim.gif

icon_exclaim.gif Running it on another one may cause damage and render the system unstable. icon_exclaim.gif

Download attached fixlist.txt file and save it to the Desktop:

Both files, FRST and fixlist.txt have to be in the same location or the fix will not work!

  • Right-click on FRST.gif icon and select RunAsAdmin.jpg Run as Administrator to start the tool.
    (XP users click run after receipt of Windows Security Warning - Open File).
  • Press the Fix button just once and wait.
  • If for some reason the tool needs a restart, please make sure you let the system restart normally. After that let the tool complete its run.
  • When finishes FRST will generate a log on the Desktop, called Fixlog.txt.

Please attach it to your reply.


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Good to hear. Tried to scan with Win Defender but it goes extremely slow, about 15% scanned after 12 hours.  My MB anti-malware refuses to open, nothing happens after double clicking. Downloading again would mean paying again since I can't find the code or purchase receipt in my documents. Don't know what to do really...

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There are some issues with your computer and that is sure. Did you have any BSOD on 2nd september?

Error: (09/02/2016 02:25:39 PM) (Source: EventLog) (EventID: 6008) (User: )
Description: The previous system shutdown at 1:47:58 PM on ‎9/‎2/‎2016 was unexpected.

Did you have any unexpected shutdown?


rsykr7.png Temperature Check

  • Please download HWMonitor and save it to your Desktop.




  • Unzip it and run the version compatible with your system architecture. If you are unsure which one you should run, run them one by one and one of them should work.
  • Make a picture of HWMonitor window and attach it in your next message.


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I think you have some overheating issues, based on these graphs. I could be wrong, but it looks unusually high temp. Have you ever cleaned your laptop from dust? If not, now is the time. Meanwhile you should contact MalwareBytes support to obtain your license.


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