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MBAMSERVICE Excessive memory usage/leak???

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As many others on many threads have reported, MBAMSERVICE.EXE seems to be a real "storage leak" culprit for me as well.  I'm running Win7 Pro x64 on an 8GB machine which also serves as my 24/7 DVR (I run Windows Media Center on it, with a 4-tuner Ceton card and a 2-tuner Hauppauge card). Of late things have really begun to slow down and research reveals my memory utilization running sometimes 80-95%.  When this happens Windows really slows down to a crawl, as much of its time is spent dealing with page faults.

Doing whatever it takes to drop memory utilization back to the 50-70% "normal" range is what always solves the problem.  And the one thing which of late has been that single action is exiting MBAM Premium, letting all of its accumulated storage get reabsorbed as "available" again, and then starting it up again.

Things get worse over time, as the daily scans appear to be the culprit.  The more days my system is up without a re-boot or without exit/re-launch MBAM, the worse is its associated storage and the slower my machine becomes without my now established corrective action of exit/re-launch of MBAM.

In other words, it is MBAMSERVICE.EXE which absolutely IS the responsible culprit here.  No question about it.

I have taken one suggestion which is to "exclude" both MBAM.EXE and MBAMSERVICE.EXE in "malware exclusions", and that does seem to have helped somewhat to slow the memory accumulation.  But it doesn't truly resolve the problem, which appears to be that whatever storage gets accumulated by the daily scans or ongoing processing, it's just seemingly not being released when the function completes.

I can provide whatever additional information you'd like to see about my system, but it appears from your response back in March that you are WELL AWARE of this "storage leak", although it's hard to understand why it has not yet been solved and a fix distributed. Enough users are complaining about it that you'd think it would be a #1 red flag issue with your "swat team" put to work fixing it and pushing out the solution to all of use licensed registered Premium users.

Anyway, I wanted to add myself to the list of users anxiously awaiting your resolution of this long-time problem.

Here's a SysInternals RamMap memory layout snapshot when I was up at 91% utilization.



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Hello @DSperber

Well, there is obviously something going on with your systems then as I have 0% of CPU in use when not actively scanning or updating the database as you can see from the screenshots below. The memory is also in the 300MB range which is normal, so I would have to assume along with the many millions of other users not seeing this issue that something on your system may be causing this issue.














I would highly recommend following the advice below which may correct the issue for you, or if not then post back the requested logs so that we can better assist you.

  • Please uninstall your current version of MBAM and reinstall the latest version. MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
  • If that does not correct the issue then please read the following and post back the requested logs. - Diagnostic Logs

Thank You

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I have taken your advice and fully "clean uninstalled/reinstalled" my existing MBAM Premium software.  I had, in fact, upgraded directly to version 2 from version 1 first installed a long time ago.  So I am now running with a from-scratch version 2, although I did unwittingly stray from the prescribed recipe for the reinstall.  I accidentally neglected to un-check the "try free-trial" even though I knew I was going to activate right away using my premium license key.  So at the completion of the install I pushed the "activate" button and entered my key.  I hope this wasn't critical, although I do now see a Registry key for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (Trial) although my license key is not one of its values.

Anyway, all appears to be 100% working well following the above process (even though I didn't un-check "try free-trial").  As I discovered was recommended I then also added then entire MSE folder exclusion to MBAM, as well as adding selected MBAM-related EXE file exclusions to MSE (as shown attached here).

And my memory utilization has dropped dramatically, down to 29-36% much of the time, occasionally going up to 60-75%.  For example I am now running at 31% utilization (see attached screenshots from RamMap).  This, even though I'm re-booted and once again running with the SUPERFETCH service active, which had proven to be part of the excess storage problem previously but seemingly no longer an issue.

So, until I can get an opportunity to "view-down my copy-protected WMC content" so that I can install the additional 16GB of memory I've purchased (which will re-generate a new DRM key from Windows Media Center, thus preventing me from viewing any old copy-protected content I might still have), I can obviously now continue to run normally with the existing 8GB of RAM that I've always had on this machine and had not had any problems until just recently.

I don't know what it was of late that caused the excessive memory usage from MBAM and SUPERFETCH, but it does now seem to have been resolved based on my experience of the past few days.  Memory usage is "back to normal", and MBAM is actually still showing what it was before my clean uninstall/reinstall.  But there was obviously something else unknown at work here which does seem to have been tied to MBAM (perhaps coming through version 1 to version 2), and which now seems to have been "cleaned out".  Perhaps it was adding the recommended MBAM exclusions to MSE, and the recommended MSE exclusion to MBAM.  Don't know.

Nevertheless, for now it appears "problem solved" and "case closed".  Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.









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