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Major Exploit (maybe)


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I'm having some computer issues, that's not why I'm here though, I not going to go into a long drawn out story about what's going on so I'll just break down what I think is a possible security flaw.

Get infected with a R.A.T, it's low impact at first the person running it is just watching and logging information

during this they get info on the various cloud drives in use on your computer such as

Verizon cloud

Google Drive

Microsoft One Drive etc..

My comment (and question is) if these various cloud storage drives become compromised and a malicious actor is granted access to them could they keep injecting masked infections on your various OSes?  If so things like Verizon Cloud and Google drive tend to just add the missing files/apps right back into your device.(I just bought a Moto Z force and had yet to set up any cloud service yet and with in 5 mins apps that didn't come with the device began to appear on it, old download I long ago deleted from my S5. I actually skipped the clud set up step when setting up the phone) 

Or if you do end up with device wide infections cleaning one without cleaning all of them could leave an existing RAT infection to just re-infected the device that was cleaned.  Example : Dark Comet infection on PC, OmniRAT on Galaxy 5, if you clean on without knowing you have the other wouldn't that result in a never ending infection loop.  Not to mention the access to WAN and LAN these infections would have on a home network to just open a backdoor to re-infect cleaned devices. 

Between how common RAT Trojans are becoming, the various stories on how unsecure service providers included hardware is (see Verizon Actiontec), coupled with the lay computer user and in my honest opinion you have a recipe for disaster...... Or I could just be paranoid....

Any insight or opinions would be welcome, what's the next security nightmare?

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