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Current Database Version?

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26 minutes ago, wildman424 said:

Remember how they used to have a webpage that you could visit that would give you the number of the current database version? Is that still online?

I do not think they've done that for several years now.

There are many different database updates each day, as the rules and IPs, domains, etc. are now separate.  I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to maintain it.
But perhaps a staff member can weigh in on that.

28 minutes ago, wildman424 said:

And do you know if the old trouble shooting tool traceroute_malwarebytes_cdn.exe still works?

I don't honestly know.

Perhaps someone else will have an update on that.

You can try to ping the update servers from an elevated command prompt:


Please post back if you need more help troubleshooting.


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43 minutes ago, kimiraikkonen said:


I have Malwarebytes 3 (running as free version) but it does NOT show the current database version, whereas previous 2.2.1. version used to show it on a neat place. How can i see current database version in Malwarebytes 3?

In version 3, the only way to see what version your on is to go to the About tab and look at the update package version:


Update Package Version.jpg

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