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[RESOLVED] New Editor Bug: "special characters" & hyperlinks

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Good morning:

Problem:  When trying to create a hyperlink that should look like this >>LINK<< (where the entire underlined string here should be a link),  it end up like %3E%3ETHIS%3C%3C

This is a new issue today, at least for me.

Steps to repro:

  1. Type a string like this: >>LINK<<
  2. Highlight it with one's mouse and select the "link" button from the editor ribbon
  3. Navigate to this pinned topic (I am under Firefox 48.0.2 on Win10/64 v1511): https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/119858-available-assistance-for-possibly-infected-computers/
  4. Select the URL from the location/URL bar to copy it
  5. Paste the URL into the field in the editor "link" window

Expected behavior:

  1. The inserted link would be displayed as >>LINK<< (with a working, embedded link, not just an underline) -- I have done this 1000 times before, using the >> and << characters for emphasis when inserting a link into a post.

Observed behavior:

  1. The inserted link looks like this %3E%3ELINK%3C%3C

This is readily reproducible.


  1. Create the link without the >> or << characters: LINK

It seems that the >> and << characters are no longer properly handled by the editor when inserting links.

Again, this is NEW editor behavior.

Thank you,

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For the record: bug persists.

I ran into it when I tried to paste the link for this sticky, with its title, (which contains >><< characters) into a reply:


(I do not expect a fix over this long holiday weekend. I merely mention it as a reminder.)

Thank you,

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