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Scanner failed with error code: 8, with Free version

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Hello and :welcome:, @bassman123:

It appears that your post was inadvertently overlooked.

Manual scans run under Limited user accounts will have some issues, as the scanner cannot access certain system areas because the limited user does not have rights to those areas.
(I think some changes/improvements/refinements to this limitation may be forthcoming with a new, future program version, as mentioned by @AdvancedSetup here.)

It's preferable to install MBAM under an Admin account and to use the scheduler to configure scheduled scans. 
These will then run silently with full Admin rights and you should no longer get any errors.

Can you please tell us: did you install & configure MBAM from an Admin account, or was it installed/configured from the non-admin account?

Thank you,

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I see that you are only running MBAM Free.  That version does not offer a scheduler.  So, you will not be able to configure automated, scheduled scans. I apologize for the error.

However, it's still best practice to install and configure MBAM Free from an Admin account.
We will need to wait for a Malwarebytes staff member to provide further guidance on this topic/ error code.
But I think that manual scans run under a limited user account from either Free or Premium will generate errors unless/until the previously mentioned "fix" is implemented with a future program version.
The error derives from the fact that the limited user does not have rights to access certain system areas.

Thank you again,

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