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Full scan or quick scan

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I read many posts that say a quick scan is recommended and should be run all the time. I thought a full scan would find a "problem" that a quick scan might not find and the "problem" would remain if a quick scan was not picking it up. While a full scan would have alerted us to this "problem" so that it could be corrected sooner.

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All that should be needed is a Threat Scan which should catch all malware that is on the system that is known to the database.  A full scan may find a few more left overs, but those are not actively running on the system.

For a better understanding of the scan types have a read through the topic below.


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If you're using the Premium version with real time protection then personally I'd say maybe only once every few months. If you have antivirus, and MBAM with live protection modules, then a once a week threat scan and maybe a once every 3 months Full Scan would suffice. Do the full scan in the beginning and then quarterly maybe. If nothing is found on first scan, nothing found in weekly scans, and you have antivirus and real-time protection with MBAM then it would be pretty amazing for a Full scan to find something each quarter that a normal Threat Scan did not find.


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If you are using only the Free version of MBAM, then you do not have the benefits of active protection from the MBAM modules such as Web Blocker and Malware Protection.  In this case I would do daily Threat Scans (especially after browsing the internet for a while) to make sure I did not pick up anything malicious.

As for a Full scan, I would still run it as suggested...

Best suggestion I could give you is to purchase the Premium version and be fully protected.

Of course that is my opinions and others will vary...

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