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For *some reason*  MBAE hasn't been able to inject into SBIE 4.x+ protected processes starting with the earliest of MBAE betas (that I tested). As I was the one to come up with a 'template' that could be applied within Sandboxie and allow them to work together by FORCING the DLL injection via a SBIE string to 'temporarily' overcome this issue I've become more worried as time passes.

I'm concerned that my attempts to 'work around' the issue have instead enabled you to avoid addressing it all together. =( With virtually [let's say 90% min though it's likely higher] every other security software solution being able to detect and inject into the processes they are meant to protect, regardless of the presence of Sandboxie, and MBAE somehow NOT being able to reliably do so would you fault me or others for doubting the protection you can offer when the layers of protection are likely to be MUCH more difficult to create and maintain?


Don't get me wrong, I haven't lost faith in you (yet) but it's hard to swallow that you can provide advanced Exploit protections if you can't even properly inject into a program protected by another piece of software that no one else seems to have issue working with...


So yeah, drunken rant over (for now)....



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Hi @btmp.

Lately we've been doing some changes to the hooking mechanism to accommodate changes in Windows 10, and this could potentially be the source of the conflict. There might be some other changes to the hooking framework we need to do in 1.09. After release of 1.09 we should be able to have more time to look at this.


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Thanks for the quick response Mr. Pedro!

Peter, who I don't actually 'hate' but I do have a small dislike of that I 'obtained early on' via the SBIE forum and still just can't quite let go of....[so it galls me to quote him several times in as many days], made a good point yet again that I wasn't aware of on Wilders where other pieces of decent to good security products also had issues at one point as well.

So perhaps I jumped the gun with my original post here and my 'call to voice' but I really would like to see the problem solved soonish as its been around for quite a while. If it's any consolation I already added MBAE (free) to my kids PC alongside SBIE on Win10 but aside from XP the dll issue isn't a security risk so much as it is an 'annoyance on several levels'.

Solving the DLL injection would allow all around 'easy' compatibility. I never was able to isolate why MBAE wouldn't work with SBIE 4.x+ on XP [while it works on vista to 10] so while there is no guarantee fixing the DLL injection issue will work suddenly allow them to work together on XP as well it'd be a great start but to let you know ahead of time there might be another issue to look after that but we won't for sure until the other one is solved....

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