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"Bat to Exe Converter" files detected as false positives

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I've downloaded the useful tool "Bat To Exe Converter" from http://www.f2ko.de/en/b2e.php

It's a useful tool if you want to make EXEs out of BAT files (with icon).

The problem is that any result file gets erroneously detected as malware (attached).


Try for example to create a simple bat file to launch a program and attach an icon (.ico) to it (e.g. see my attached Eleusis Game Launcher.exe)


Eleusis Game Launcher.zip

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@hexaae, thanks for posting this!! Also, just letting you know that I moved your thread to our False Positives section.

Edited by AlexSmith
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This is valid for the submitted sample only (Eleusis Game Launcher.exe) or in general for all EXEs generated by "Bat to Exe Converter"?

Should I expect more false positives if I compile other BAT -> EXE with that tool?

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I can't open above link as OneDrive gives a message already that this file contains malware - so blocked access.

I believe most AVs would have a generic detection for above though. So for the latter, we won't remove detection.

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