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MBARW destroys (not Quarantines) bash, dpkg


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I was updating the new bash tool that came with Windows 10 AU.  `bash` was Quarantined, or so MBARW said.  It was not in Quarantine, before or after a reboot.

I stop MBAWR to repair the bash tool.  I was going along fine, until `dpkg` was Quarantined -- again not really; it was destroyed like with `bash`.  This was really a surprise since my MBARW still said that Protection should be enabled -- with a red line!

I had to uninstall MBARW and I probably will wait for the next version.  I still managed to salvage logs from C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware\ , attached.






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Hello ingber and welcome back:

As yours is the first report involving bash, dpkg and MBARW Beta after an upgrade with W10AU, the development team would benefit from the 3 archives that result when the False Positive reporting procedure is utilized.

Does any possibility exist that the C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs\ directory is still present within the system in question?  If so, please create a .zip archive of that directory and attach to your next reply to this topic.

Thank you kindly for your report.



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Hi.  Sorry, I sent all the logs I have.  MBAMService/ does not exist anymore.

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