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Win 10 won't boot after anti-rootkit driver failed to load

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On a HP windows 10 notebook with a 32GB SS drive I supposedly ran out of disk space, though I'm not sure it really did (because I also got that message trying to copy a few files to One Drive on which I had stored only 67MB). I opened MBAM to scan and got

I clicked yes to reboot and got in a loop of "preparing automatic repair" > "diagnosing your pc" > "pc did not start correctly" -- and I cannot now boot to windows. I can't do a system restore because it says I don't have enough disk space. I prefer not to do a reset (could I even do that with no disk space?).

I did a chkdsk and there were no problems found.

I haven't been able to find directions for doing a MBAM scan from the command prompt; can that be done?

I really need to get this computer up and running for a PowerPoint presentation coming up and don't quite know the best way to proceed. I would really appreciate some advise if anyone is available.

thank you

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Hello Broeux.    :welcome:


Do you have another Windows 10 system at home ?  ( you may be able to make a rescue disc with that or & do some needed download)
Do you have the Windows 10 operating system DVD or a rescue disc  ( made when you first got this pc or Windows 10)  ?

You are almost at the right starting-place when you get to <<"diagnosing your pc" > "pc did not start correctly" >>

You need to get back to that point and then look real-real close at the other options that are given in the dialogs that follow that one.
Please have infinite patience and persistence.

It is a case of needing to keep at it and to choose the proper options.  There are several dialogs.  So take your time slowly, carefully, deliberatly.
Start with reviewing the mini-write up and graphics listed by BRINK under OPTION 6 ( SIX) at this link

You need to click the option "See advanced repair options".  Next, you plan to look for Troubleshoot
next click Advanced Options on next screen displayed

next look real close at bottom for the line marked "See more recovery options"    ( singe line probably in white at the bottom)

You need to click that very line.


Then you will see an expanded list of other Startup options.  These are what are needed.  You pick the choice by number and type the number on your number-keypad.

next make a decision as to whether you prefer Safe Mode with Networking  ( which would allow some internet connectivity so that you can get diagnostic tools and exchange info back here)
to Safe Mode where you can do some lookups and do some research yourself.

Please take a look at the top screens at the top of the article I cited for what those screens look like.
How to Boot to Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10

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Thanks for your reply. No, I don't have another Win10 PC nor do I have recovery media. I am trying to avoid a reset, if possible. I already know how to get to advanced options, having spent many hours on this the past four days. In the startup settings section, none of the options, e.g., safe mode, are selectable. There is only a clickable "restart" button which takes me back through the loop of automatic repair/diagnosing your pc, etc. and ends with your pc did not start correctly. The "startup repair" simply, repeatedly says it couldn't repair pc.

I created a Bit Defender rescue flash drive, booted to it and did the virus scan. It found one infection: GEN:VARIANT.SYMMI.31976 and removed it. The pc still will not boot to windows. I repeated the scan and it found no further infection.

From the cmd prompt, I was able to fee up enough disk space to run system restore (one restore point available), and the restore point was corrupted/destroyed. It seems the Trojan infected the pc so deeply that I imagine the HP recovery drive might be corrupted, but I was holding out hope of solving the problem without a reset.

Can the Malwarebytes anit-rootkit scan be run from the cmd prompt? I have tried to do so but have not been able to figure out the procedure or commands required.

Are there other possible scans to be executed from cmd that could be tried? NOTE: as stated above I cannot get into safe mode.

Thank you for any suggestions you might offer.

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No, our software cannot be run in a command prompt window.  We have to rely on a working Windows o.s. being up and running.

Beyond what I suggested before, I only have generic ( standard) ways to get to Safe mode.

But having Windows 10, one of the best other options is a REFRESH operation   ( which is supposed to leave your documents and installed programs as is).

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