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idle- threads, latch Threads help

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:welcome:   Hello,

Where exactly do you see <<idle threads and latch threads>> ?

Which version of Windows runs on this pc ?

Does it have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed ?   If yes, did you do a Threat scan ?  what was the result?


Which brand-name of antivirus is on this box?  Did you do a scan with the antivirus ?  what is the result?

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Task Manager is not the place to be looking to determine if something is a malware, etc.

The fact that the MBAM Threat scan reported no malware should tell you a lot.


What other evidence from a known security program has reported a malware ?

Windows managed all tasks and running processes.  The fact one see idle processes is not a sign of infection.

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i saw it in task manager and started asking questions because i had never seen it before. It was searching the forums on this site that lead me to believe it was malware, as there where a lot on entries asking questions but the answers were always computer specific and said not to use it was made for that person.

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