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[RESOLVED] New Forum User Question

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I just joined here and assume that the "Create" button at the top is how you start posting here:  temp.delete 2.png

So I click it, and this is what shows:  temp.delete.png

I assumed information about posting within these forums would show, but this is as far as it goes.  Clicking "OK" just closes the pop-up.

  1. Is this normal, or am I experiencing an error?
  2. Do you have a guide for new users? (not the forum "Guidelines" or rules - more a help section for beginners on how to use this forum)

(I realize that going into specific forum topics will reveal the "Start new topic" button)

Thank you

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I tried to edit my above post, but it wouldn't allow me to.  It said it was either deleted or moved or too much time had passed.  Only 3 minutes had passed between hitting the "Submit" button and the "Edit" button.  I didn't want to add another post, I just wanted to add a number 3. question on one post, plus fix grammar.

Since it wouldn't allow me, my third question is:

Is there a preview button before actually submitting a post? (now that I've discovered I can't edit after hitting "Submit" I doubly would like to know).

I think I really need those help pages on how to use this forum.  I've already messed up without meaning to.  I wouldn't want to unintentionally do anything wrong because I just didn't know better and had to go by 'trial and error.'

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Hi Anew :)

This looks like a bug with the forum software because I can reproduce it. To start a thread on Malwarebytes, simply go in the section you wish to post your thread in, and click on the Start new topic button in the top-right corner.


You'll be able to start a new thread that way. As for your section question, I think new users have a limited edit time, or not at all (which means, once you post, you cannot edit it). Members in a higher usergroup (such as Honorary Members) have a longer edit time period.

And the "Preview" button is the first one in your editing toolbar.


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Hello and :welcome:, @Anew

EDIT:   ^^^^ Great minds think alike. ^^^^:D We were posting at the same time, it seems.:D

1) I do not know if it's "normal", but I am able to reproduce it.  I might expect that result when the user is on the forum main "index" page.  But I also see that dialog when I am on a specific sub-forum.  TBH, I've never used that "create new content" button.  We'll need to ask the forum Admin team to check with IPS. It may be a bug with the new, very buggy IPS v4 software.  As a workaround, please navigate first to the sub-forum in which you want to start a new topic and then click the big, green, "start new topic" button.

2) No, not that I know of.  Alas, even those of us who are "regulars" here have struggled with IPS v4.  It is not particularly user-friendly.

3) Yes, the "preview" button is shown in the attached screen shot.

Enjoy your stay!



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@Anew, welcome to our forums!! Thanks for sharing this experience. Our forums were recently updated to other day and I wonder if this is a bug from that. Our team will reach out to IPS on this today.

Lastly, I appreciate the feedback on needing some training or educational content for new users. I agree that its something we need to have. We will look in to adding that in the future.

Again, thanks for the feedback and thank you for joining our community.

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Thank you Auradaledoc1, and AlexSmith,

I appreciate your welcomes and am grateful for the answers you've provided.

I'm guessing new users cannot edit at all, because I tried to do a quick grammar edit and took maybe 1.5 seconds to do it, but it still said I was too slow and disallowed editing.  So I hope I don't make too many of those types of mistakes in future (even with preview, I'm prone to need to make such corrections).

Thanks again to the members and staff here.

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