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Printing pdf documents using Chrome


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Windows 10 - I have Chrome browser set as default for displaying pdf files. With Anti-Exploit started (so Chrome is protected), if I try to print a displayed pdf, Chrome is automatically closed, supposedly to protect it. Why? I therefore have to stop Anti-Exploit every time I want to print a pdf, which is quite regularly. Is there a setting that allows me to print pdf files without stopping Anti-Exploit?

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Hello Ian,


This seems to be an issue with Trusteer rapport (Trusteer endpoint protection). I noticed you have it on your computer as well which would explain the block. We do have a known conflict for this so all you have to do is make some minor changes in anti-exploit to make them work side by side. 


  • Trusteer Rapport (maybe limited to older versions of Trusteeer) may conflict with MBAE. As a workaround simply disable the ROP and malicious return address protections in MBAE's advanced settings to make Trusteer work alongside MBAE.


So you will just open up the program and go to the settings tab> Advanced settings button> Advanced Memory Protection and disable the 'Malicious return address protection' for chrome.

Do the same but go to the OS bypass protection and disable the chrome browser checkbox for both of the ROP gadget detection options. 

After you do that, it should work right away. However, you may need a reboot. 

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