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Outlook and Word Viewer Protection?


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MBAE Free shields only certain browsers and plug-ins.

MBAE Premium also shields MS Office and similar applications, PDF Readers, media players AND ~any other internet-facing application, including email clients (through the use of custom shields).

So, in order to shield MS Outlook, MS Word or other "Office" application, and other email clients, one needs the paid, Premium version.

More information HERE and HERE.

Hope this helps,



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Thanks for the rapid response.  Yes I understand paid version is required to gain protection of Office files.

Outlook isn't listed in 1st link.  Upon a search, the article to do additional protection for "Outlook.exe" is listed.  I find it a bit unusual that a mainstream Microsoft application is not protected by default/listed on the data sheet.  Link is https://support.malwarebytes.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1833585-how-can-i-configure-malwarebytes-anti-exploit-to-protect-additional-applications-?b_id=6440  

With that answered, to clarify my second question - is about when Outlook views/launches an attached Office document, will Anti-Exploit provide protection?  For example, Outlook may use some underlying services to invoke work/or it might just be same as user launching.  I assume Malwarebytes techies will know which :)

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Until @pbust or another staff member weighs in....

In order to shield email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) one needs to have MBAE Premium -- those shields can be configured by the user as a "custom" shield, similar to custom shields created for ~any internet-facing application.  Screen cap #1 shows an example using Thunderbird (the blue, locked padlock means it is shielded).  All that would be needed would be to create a similar custom shield for Outlook.

In order to shield MS Office (Word, PPT, Excel) one likewise needs to have MBAE Premium -- those shields are listed in the default list in the GUI and just need to be "activated" by clicking the "activate" radio button in the shields" tab in the GUI.  Screen cap #2 shows the MS Office shields activated, as connoted by the "locked" padlock.

As for the explanation why email clients are not included in the default shields, even for MBAE Premium, please see this recent post by @Rsullinger, quoting the MBAE Dev Team.  But it is easy enough to create a custom shield for them.

As to the technical details of how MBAE works, for example when opening a Word document attachment in Outlook, I will need to defer to the staff.;)

But, if you have MBAE Premium and have activated/created shields both for MS Word and for MS Outlook, I would expect that you are well-protected (alongside your real-time AV and anti-malware applications).




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8 hours ago, AndyPP said:

With that answered, to clarify my second question - is about when Outlook views/launches an attached Office document, will Anti-Exploit provide protection?

The moment this occurs and word opens, anti-exploit will shield word and will harden it from exploits. Same can be said if it opens a pdf as well. If you click on it once in outlook to 'preview' the file, it will not protect it but outlook opens it up as read only view so no macro's would be ran from it anyways. Anti-exploit looks for the moment Word.exe or any other of the .exe's open before it starts protecting it. That is why when you create a custom shield it asks for the .exe of the program you are trying to protect. 

edit: I kept using office instead of word making it confusing. 

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