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New Malware Threats-Zeus Keylogger and USB Thief

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 Dear Sirs or Madams,

I am wanting to know if your product can detect these new malware programs that are out there on the internet. They are:

USB Thief(Win32/PSW.Stealer.NAI )

Zeus Keylogger

Does your virus definitions block these two or variations of them? Or is there something in the works to detect these two malwares?

The reason I am asking is because these two have come up as news in the media outlets as of late. Thanks.

Customer Support of malwarebytes told me that you can help with this. Can you help??

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David, thanks for the reply. The reason for this is that I have heard from media sources as of late and other IT Professionals that these two have been affecting their PCs lately and I just want to be sure that Malwarebytes is protecting us from these two specific threats. Because my sources are telling me that some variations of these two are undetectable especially new ones that have infected the Internet and others recently. I am aware that these two have been around, but the newer ones are worse than their counterparts. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.

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The Zeuss Bot ( aka; ZBot ) has been around for quite a while and it really isn't seen very often anymore.

The Password Stealer is no longer new.  It was during the first quarter of this year.

MBAM will protect and deal with these malware types.

Just remember that if you worry or concentrate on one type of malware, you can fall prey to another.

It is like securing your home.  You lock the front and back doors and close all the windows but have a radio controlled garage door opener and didn't change the default code.

The idea is you have to think about all forms of malware defenses such that individual kinds just fall into place.

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