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Malwarebytes antiexploit Questions


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1. why I did not see any update features ? 

2. I did not see any blocked exploit (0) does it rarely any exploit, compared to malware and others ?

3. why it did not protect email software by default : Outlook, Thunderbird and others



malwarebytes antiexploit.png

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1) I'm not sure what you mean -- can you please explain what you are asking?  If you are talking about auto-updates, that feature is available under the settings tab (see screen shot).

2) In order to verify that MBAE is working, please refer to this pinned topic: How to verify that MBAE is working correctly

3) As was previously explained in your other topics HERE, MBAE Free shields browsers and browser plug-ins.  The paid, PREMIUM version can be configured to shield any internet-facing application.  If you would like to shield email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird, you will need the paid, Premium version.  And, as explained by @AdvancedSetup for MBAM (not MBAE) here, "There needs to be enough features in the paid version to make it worthwhile for users to purchase. If we placed everything in the Free version, there would be no need to buy, and then pretty soon we'd be out of business and not even the Free version would be available to anyone."


Thank you,


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  • Staff

Hello Utomo,


To bounce off of what Dale mentioned, I want to let you know the reasoning as why we do not protect e-mail clients by default. Our developer has mentioned this in a prior thread about this:


"Basically the list of applications shielded by default from factory is a direct relation with applications that we've seen targeted in the wild with exploits. In some rare cases we've added applications by popular demand (some weird browser vendors, LibreOffice, etc.) and not because we've seen exploits in the wild for them.

We could add some email clients in the future, but that would require a lot of testing on our part from QA perspective and we've just simply been focused on other things (adding new techniques, fixing bugs, etc.). But for the future we could probably add some of the more popular ones."


However, like Dale mentioned, since you are on the paid version of the product you can add a shield for these if you want to give them added protection. 

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