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Trojan.ZeroAccess detected in MBAM by Norton Internet Security

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Hi All!

I would be grateful for any help from the forum on the following, please.

Norton Internet Security flagged up an identified threat on my Lenovo P300 ThinkStation (Windows 10 Pro - Anniversary Update build/version 1607, also protected by MBAM and MBAE - both Premium) overnight stating the following:

"Infected file: c:\program files (x86)\malwarebytes anti-malware\00011899.tmp - Removed", also stating

"Threat name: Trojan.Zeroaccess  downloaded from Unknown"

The threat description and details according to Norton seem real enough (link: http://us.norton.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2011-071314-0410-99 ), so is this perhaps not a false-positive.

The file was not identified or detected by MBAM or MBAE (less likely I guess) and appears to have been removed.

Any help would - as ever - be greatly appreciated.


Trojan detection - malwarebytes, false positive, p2.PNG

Trojan detection - malwarebytes, false positive.PNG

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Thank you to you both, pondus and daledoc1 (as always!).  I wasn't aware that this particular situation was a longstanding issue - apologies for not having realised this - but thanks for making me aware.  

Brilliant assistance from the Forum - I greatly appreciate the help

With best wishes

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No apologies needed, @brutons.
And I apologize if my post came across as curt.
I was on my way out to work, but wanted to mention the F/P situation, as I recalled having seen it reported here many times in the past (though not recently).

I do not think that the Malwarebytes folks can do anything directly about the detection -- I'm pretty sure it would need to be fixed at the Norton end.

Perhaps a forum staff member or other Malwarebytes employee will be able to shed additional light on this.


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