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BSOD scam completly locked computer

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My daughter brought her computer to me with a blue screen that represented itself as an authentic Microsoft error. However, upon further inspection of the message, several mispells and grammatical errors ("our" computer is..., it is "okey", and a phone number that changes with each restart) lead me to the conclusion this was in fact some sort of virus. 

I checked several places online and most were similar in advising to start the task manager to put the computer into Safe Mode. Only problem is, it will not allow me to use the Ctl, Alt, Dlt function. 

Not only was the computer showing this blue screen error message but after restarting it, it is now asking for the product key (same, misspelling and improper grammar) and also an "instal" wizard pop-up that says something about the instillation of Chrome and other apps that have been installed with it, click next to continue. After trying to x out of these pop-ups, it now is flashing between all the screens.

Has anyone experienced this problem or have any idea what exactly I'm dealing with. And if so, is there anything that I can do to fix this issue?


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:welcome: Hi.

At first, your description seemed to descibe a low level scareware scam.  But your mentions of "product key" would appear to fit a case of the "product key tech support scam".

Please study real close all the tips and How to's on this article link

Metallica has outlined a whole set of tips on how to get rid of this pest.  Please take time read the whole article first.  Then go back and do his tips one at a time.

Infinite patience and persistence are needed.

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Had one at work yesterday.

Was full-screen Edge.  Had to get out of full-screen and then close the tab.  Then reset the home page in settings.
Scanned the system for malware and found none.

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