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Windows Credential Leak Flaw


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I was just curios if MBAE protects browsers and against sites set up to exploit the Windows Credential Leak Flaw in Edge, IE, and Cortana/Windows Search?

I tried Malwarebytes search here in the forums, and the main sit, but I guess I either don't use the correct terms, or nothing has been written or asked already:(

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It seems to be dug up again.

Does MBAE cover it?

Do you have a link for me in the forums or the main site?

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t Ok thanks anyhow dd1:)

Grinler at Bleeping posted the LGPE settings and  some registry hacks for non Win Pro OS's involving Network security: Restrict NTLM: Outgoing NTLM traffic to remote servers to mediate the problem, but it involves changing how Windows communicates with servers and then white listing the ones you want. A real PITA and not everyone's cup of tea.:unsure: 

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