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Is there no longer a direct download option for Malwarebytes?

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It seems every way I try to download Malwarebytes now it forwards me to cnet.  I hate cnet and I am never going to run an .exe file that has "cnet" in the name.

To make things slightly more complicated, I'm trying to download both the English and Spanish versions of Malwarebytes (I'm not sure if the installers are different depending on the language).

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From a Spanish speaking country using a brand-spanking new fresh install of Windows 10 (so no viruses or spyware), I was getting redirected from es.malwarebytes.org (or .com) to CNET fo the download.

You're right that when I tried from a computer in the US, the download started from Malwarebyte's own servers.


And in reply to the other poster, the language of the installer is not always the same as the language in which the program is installed.

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As I stated, it was from that link and from a computer in a Spanish-speaking country.  Geolocation is a thing that exists, you know?

I specifically stated that when using a US-based computer the link would indeed download from Malwarebytes.  Per your profile you are from Quebec, so I'm assuming you're not in a position to test what I'm reporting.

Anyway, thanks for your help I was able to download the install file direct from the source.  It doesn't seem that the Spanish install requires a separate .exe anyway.

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Just wanted to update that as of June 27, 2017, this is still happening to me


Brand new, fresh install of Windows 10

Using Internet Explorer:

google search for "malwarebytes download" takes me to 


clicking the "descargar" (download) button from here redirects me to a download.cnet.com page


I also tried installed fresh versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, and the same thing happens with all of them.


Much thanks to the guy who provided the sweet link above:  https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mbam_current/


That works.

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I can confirm this is sitll an issue and has been since before June.

I tried to install malwarebytes on a friends computer here in spain and was constantly redirected to cnet. I thought it was a chrome extension or something but after searching for ages I just gave up.

I just tried to install it on my english laptop from a spanish IP from the spanish website and it again redirected me to CNET.

Is this intentional? Why only the spanish version?


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