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Malicious Website Notice, adsk2.co (targeted attack)


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I am being habitually attacked and on fresh installations of Win7 Ult64, after each critical posting on "The Hill" (www.thehill.com) via Disqust or placed advertisement, the ads perhaps being a "front entity", such as 15 minutes ago just after posting on Mr. McCain.

Any person that wishes to believe these attacks to include the simultaneous java efforts to enter my system (sync.js from the domain ap.lijit.com) are not targeted attempts is not being honest or reckless.

Else share with myself and the rest of the world reading this posting, who are the other individuals or computers that are experiencing the same Malicious Website notices using the same, peculiar sub domain. After all, who in their right mind would ever want to administer a sub domain name of that sort, less the sub domain name itself is a code or internal "flag" for the deviant activity.


Park McGraw
 Candidate for President of the United States of America

malicous website - The Hill - 02aug2016-c.png

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