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Skydiver makes history by jumping 25,000 feet into a net without a parachute


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Yes, I saw that on another news site.

Pretty amazing crazy.  Thankfully for his family and young child, it ended well*.

I found the idea of the on-site "medical team" comical.  It was basically a paramedic with a "go bag".  Had anything gone wrong, all that would have been needed would have been a Dyson Animal or a giant spatula.:rolleyes: 

(*Having said that, it's still possible he might have suffered internal injuries due to the deceleration mechanism.  Think of crashing your car at high speed into a bridge abutment, without seat-belts or airbags....  He hit the net at terminal velocity.  I hope we do not see another news item in the coming days with a less sanguine outcome.)

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These *people* fascinate me. No fear, or perhaps just a never ending quest for more adrenaline. Either way, very little margin for error. Saw next video a few months ago (it's from 2012 though) and shows a unique perspective on how you need to be well prepared. To live. Yikes...


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