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Restore Quarantine don't running


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I 'm using windows insider feedback , malwarebytes-anti-rootkit blocked a ransome files activity and send it to quarantine.

I restart the computer and Select Restore a file are in Malwarebytes Beta Quarantine but nothing effect, Malwarebytes show notification as : go to forum.malwarbytes.org to get your answer.

malwarebytes blocked ransomeware-microsoft app.png

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Continued above post.

When i click on Restore button , Malwarebytes anti-rootkit Beta appear an error notice box .How i find my answer now ?

when i blocked this microsoft app ,i don't using windows insider feedback any more, after that i'm restore this file to make change for using windows insider feedback.malwarebytes blocked ransomeware-restore-quarantine-error1.png

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  • Root Admin

Hello @antoanvn

Due to how the permissions are controlled on that location there are probably only a couple of possible solutions to restoring it. Windows security blocks us from putting it back currently. We can use a Linux disk to boot from and copy the file back in place, we can try a System Restore if you have a current new one you're willing to try. There is also another recent security tool that might help us to put the file back in place but is a potentially very dangerous tool to mess with as it can be used to break Windows Security if one is not careful with how and when it's used.

Why we recommend that you do not use a Production system for beta testing this software.

Please let me know how you'd like to attempt a restore and I'll be happy to assist you further.

Thank you



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