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issuu.com - This is very annoying! I have added exclusions for all of the variants of the domain and I still get popups from Malwarebytes that is blocking aspects of the site, and I still cannot access content at the site. An earlier false positive report stated that this site was blocked because of invalid support links or something. Can I please get a better explanation for why the tool I am paying for is preventing me from using a site that I trust, and a suggestion on how to successfully bypass Malwarebytes so I can use the site? Thank you!

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The block is in place because of a plethora (over 630 pages so far) of malicious content and no response from the sites owner/AS.

You can add an exception for the domain if you wish (Settings -> Web Exclusions, and add the domain name you wish to unblock). If you are having issues with doing this, please contact support.

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