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Uninstall issues

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I temporarily uninstalled MBAM because my upgrade from Win 8.1 to win 10 was failing with a prompt that I should disable antivirus software.

OK, I figured it unlikely that MBAM was contributing to the problem, but what the hey it seemed no headache to uninstall it if I was only going to re-install it again later, "just in case".

So uninstalled MBAM.  It didn't solve my problem.  Never seriously expected that it would, but no harm trying.

Then I re-installed MBAM, and here is where it got interesting:  I was not prompted to enter any licence key.  Somehow it "remembered" that I was a paid-up user.  Now, while that marginally reduced my admin in re-installing it, this does pose the question of whether my earlier uninstall was successful.  Any ideas?

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Hello and :welcome:, @1eyedjack:

If you did not follow the MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x to uninstall MBAM (e.g. if you just uninstalled MBAM from the Windows Control Panel), then the MBAM license information may have been left behind.

If everything is working OK, then you probably are "good to go".

If not, then it would be advisable to follow the best practices and proceed with ALL of the steps here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x

Doing so will clear out any messed up settings or files that may have been corrupted during the OS upgrade. It's very important to reboot when prompted by the removal tool and it's a good idea to do so again after the reinstall.  >>>Be sure to deactivate your account (dashboard > "My account" > "Deactivate") and be sure to have your license info handy before you start.


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Thanks for responding.

To be frank it was a toss-up whether to upgrade.  I thought that I would take the opportunity while it was still free, then back it up for future ref and go back to Win 8.1.  In light of its not being a straight forward process I have decided to just give up on that and stick with Win 8.1, which has never caused me any problems. So, all good.

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