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MBAM Application Log is blank x 2 days. How to resolve?

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Good morning everyone,

     Been a while since I last posted...so here goes.  (I'd searched the forums here, prior to creating this topic, to see if there was already a solution to this issue, but was unable to find anything).

[Description of problem]

Both yesterday and again today (July 24th), when I open MBAM > HISTORY > Application Logs, the log is blank.  This issue is seen when first powering-on the computer, and will remain so throughout the day.  (MBAM is set to start when Windows does).  This is an issue I've never experienced with MBAM before.  (Screenshot attached).

[Remedial measures attempted thus far]

1.  Ran scans with ESS, MBAM (including checking for rootkits), and SAS - no issues found.

2.  Checked all settings for History, Advanced settings, Automated Scheduling, etc - all are correct as I originally set them. 

3.  Checked for the presence of the logs at: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Logs.  All Protection and scan logs are shown there.  All daily scheduled Updates and Threat Scans are being performed at their designated times.

4.  Tried restarting the computer 3 times - no change.

* The ONLY way I have been able to get the Application Logs to be displayed is if I run a Hyper Scan or Threat scan.  Upon completion, when I check the Application Logs, lo and behold, they are all being shown again.

My question:  Is there a way to resolve this problem? 

Thank you for your time and any help!



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Hello and welcome back:

Thank you for your highly detailed post. I do not recall ever seeing this problem reported here in the forum.

First, there's one piece of information I do not see, as it is cut off from the top of your screen cap: What version of MBAM are you running?  Is it the current version (

Next, please open the Advanced Settings in the Scheduler and verify that you have logging enabled (see screen shots).  If you do not have either the default path (as shown) or a custom path specified, I suggest changing those settings accordingly.

Next, please tell us: do you use CCleaner?

Next, it would help to see a bit more information about your MBAM installation and the rest of the basic system data. To do so, please read the following and ATTACH as *.txt files to your next reply the 3 requested logs: Diagnostic Logs.  The 3 logs are FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt.

Thank you,



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Hi DD1 and much obliged for your reply!

     To answer your questions:

1.  Yes, I'm using MBAM v

2.  Yes, I do use Ccleaner v 519 (SLIM version only) - have not updated to the new version yet.  Also, I NEVER use the "Registry cleaning" function in the program.

3.  My logging settings look exactly the same as yours.

I've attached the 3 logs you requested below. 

Hope this helps.





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It would really help to see the FRST.txt log.

In the interim, while we look at the other logs, please check your MBAM logging location settings, as shown in my screen caps.

AND, please check under the Applications tab in CCleaner to make sure that MBAM is un-ticked (disabled).
CCleaner is known to wreak minor/major havoc with certain 3rd-party and native programs, including security applications.
For example, if Windows Defender is checked in CCleaner, it will delete its logs, generating a "Windows Defender needs to scan your system" message, even though scans have and are running. 
And there is a long history of CCleaner more or less silently adding 3rd-party programs to its "default' cleanup list.  Some time ago, it totally trashed users' Mailwasher Pro settings, because Piriform had silently added that program to its default list.

Thank you,

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Hi again DD1,

     I checked CCleaner - MBAM is UNCHECKED.

I've attached two screenshots of my logging settings.  Like yours, mine is set to "Use existing settings", and also like yours, there is no path shown in the box.

Thanks again!


MBAM - Scheduler settings for scans.pngMBAM - Scheduler settings.png

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Well, unless you inadvertently deleted the logs from the history tab in the MBAM GUI (dashboard > history > "delete all"), I'm afraid I don't have an explanation.

Perhaps some other utility or cleanup tool you are running has removed the logs or is preventing the logging.
(The missing FRST.txt log would help a bit to determine what might be going on.)

All I can suggest is that you might want to please perform a clean MBAM reinstall by carefully following all of the steps here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x

Other than that, you might want to open a ticket at the help desk by submitting the web form HERE.  The Support Team members at the help desk will have access to the developers and to additional tools. They will assist you further, one-on-one, via email.

ALSO, as an unrelated observation from your log:  you have Firefox browser excluded in MBAM.  That is neither necessary nor recommended, as it creates a security vulnerability. We would suggest removing that exclusion.

Thanks again,

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Hi DD1,

     Forgot to mention I had added the FRST log to the post with the other logs.  (For some reason, I was initially unable to upload that particular log, but finally managed to add it to the others - - after you had already read my post).

I've attached it again here for your review.  Also, I've removed the Firefox exclusion you mentioned - - not sure how I managed to put it there in the first place.



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OK, thanks.

I do not see anything obvious in the logs. All I can surmise is that you may have inadvertently deleted the logs, or some other program/utility did so or is blocking the logging.  The prime suspect would probably be your anti-virus -- perhaps it needs to be configured to exclude MBAM??

Alas, I do not recall seeing this issue reported here at the forum, so I am out of ideas.

ALSO: some of your other MBAM settings are not configured as recommended.

Update checks ought to be HOURLY with a recurrence of every 1, 2, 3 OR (at most) 4 hours. MBAM is designed to target zero-hour and zero-day threats not targeted by your AV.  If update checks are performed only daily, your protection will lag behind. (When set to HOURLY/1 hour, there's no need to use the "recover if missed by" setting.)

As far as scheduled daily threat scans, if you really want to use the "recover if missed by" setting, then I would probably set the time to "23 hours", rather than 1 hour. Personally, I do not use this recovery setting, as it can cause MBAM to start to make up a scan at an inconvenient time, e.g. soon after a cold start, when the system is busy with other tasks. But, if you're going to use it, then you might want to change it from 1 hour to 23 hours in order for it to be most effective.

ALL of these would be reset to the recommended, default configuration by carefully following all of the steps here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
The clean reinstall may also resolve your logging issue.
If it does not, then all I can suggest would be to contact the Help Desk, as previously suggested.

Perhaps a more expert forum member or Malwarebytes staff person will have additional advice.

Thank you again,


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Thanks for the follow-up, DD1,

     I made the changes you indicated in your post regarding the scans, updating, etc.  Something is definitely causing this sudden problem.  I don't recall ever clicking on the [DELETE ALL] button in the Applications Log.

As for my ESET Smart Security program possibly causing this problem...I'm doubtful.  I've been using ESET since February and there are exclusions in it for MBAM, just as I have one exclusion for ESET in MBAM.

ESET is the only new program I've installed since February of this year, so like you...I'm out of ideas.  I'm reluctant to try the MBAM Clean Removal & re-install procedure, mainly because given "certain personal issues" which you are aware of.......there's a very real possibility I'll screw something up and have more problems than I presently have.

It's looking like the simplest thing for me is to just try and remember to perform a Hyper Scan with MBAM every time I turn the computer back on or after doing a restart, so the Application Log entries will be displayed.

Thanks very much again for all your help!


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     Just as I feared...I followed all the steps for the clean-removal/re-installation process.  When I enter the ID and Activation codes from the Cleverbridge receipt (back in 2011 when I purchased the lifetime license) - MBAM keeps telling me to enter a valid ID and Activation code!

So...what am I to do now???



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If you have an older, lifetime, 1-PC license, then you need to enter BOTH a KEY and an ID:

How do I activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?


It's certainly up to you, but there is no need to run a Hyper Scan every time you boot the computer.  First of all, Hyper scans are very superficial. If anything is found, a Threat (or even a Full, custom) scan will be needed. That particular feature is a holdover from the old days of version 1.x. It really serves no useful purpose.  A once daily Threat scan should be more than sufficient under normal computer usage. If a scan is skipped from time to time because the computer has been powered off, it's not a big deal.  Please recall that the mainstay of MBAM Premium's protection centers on its real-time defense to PREVENT infection, alongside your AV.  Scans are really just a "second opinion" to pick up anything that may have made it past your defenses onto the system. Since your system is an older, refurbished computer, excessive scanning is likely only to put undue wear-and-tear on your hard drive.

Thank you again,

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     Since I've managed to royally screw things up and now have no MBAM protection...I've submitted an email support request to the Help Desk as you said do, and attached a copy of the Cleverbridge receipt from 2011 which shows the ID/Activation code they sent.

Since they won't even be open for business until 9 a.m. (my time) on Monday...I'll just have to hope that I don't end up getting hit with some malware infection in the interim.


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Hi, Pete:

Please take a moment and pause for a deep breath.:)

Please do not panic.

  • If you read my last reply and look at the pinned topic and watch the demo video, you will see how to reactivate with your older, lifetime license with BOTH the ID and KEY.
    • You probably have the license info written down somewhere??
      • The ID is alphanumeric, most likely in XXXXX-XXXXX format
      • The Key is alphanumeric, most likely in XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX format
      • Please be sure you are entering the correct numbers and letters, without substituting "O" or "0", "S" for "5", etc.
    • Or it will be in the confirmation email sent from cleverbridge when you first purchased your license.
    • Or you can contact cleverbridge directly HERE or HERE and they will look up your license info.
    • More information HERE
  • If you cannot locate your license information, you ought to have been offered a 14-day Trial during the MBAM setup wizard.
    • That 14-day Trial provides full, premium features while you sort out your licensing and logging problems.
    • You can activate it at any time once you locate your license info - you do not need to reinstall the program again.
    • If it is not activated within 14 days, it will revert to the Free version.
    • NOTE: There is one Trial per system per major MBAM program version.  So, if you already used the Trial for version on this computer, it will not be available again until a new program version is released.

I am sorry you are having these problems and I hope you are able to resolve them.

Thank you again,

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Link to activation KB/video
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Hi once again DD1,

     Thanks again for the additional information!  I had actually done everything as outlined in your post, given the fact I purchased the lifetime license back in 2011.  I used the ID/Activation code from the Cleverbridge receipt I'd saved.

I have managed to get MBAM activated again.  From what I could tell...doing a copy/paste of the ID/Activation codes into their respective fields apparently does not work correctly.  For some reason, the codes had a couple of distorted characters, as well as, a space where one should not have been.  So, I just wrote down the codes from the receipt and entered them manually.

MBAM then accepted them and performed the update and first scan.  I checked to see that all settings were as they should be,  as well as, any exclusions.  I then did a restart, and checked the Applications Logs.  Both the Protection log and scan entries were displayed!

So, it appears my problem has been resolved.  (Now, I just need to notify the Support Staff to cancel the support ticket I submitted).

Again, my thanks to you for all your help! :D:D



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