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When I look at a particular sub-forum it appears that my post ( listed as 5 hours ago ) was the last post of the thread...



However that is false.  When I go into that thread I was NOT the last to reply.  Below it shows my post ( 5 hours ago )   but after it is another post ( 1 hour ago )...





It should be noted this is not the first time I have seen this.  I reported an additional event to Ron ( AdvancedSetup ) some weeks back.


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Thanx Ron.

We had discussed it on July 3rd when it previously occurred.  At that time, you had indicated...

" Not really sure why David but possibly with how your Streams are set for content viewing.  "

But I am not setting anything of the like.  All posts are equal.  However twice this month this has occurred in two different threads in two different sub-forums.

Edited by David H. Lipman
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I wonder if this is somehow related to the persistent and ongoing issue with late-appearing posts -- some sort of server caching thing?

This has plagued the forum since the very first v4 update.  New posts often do not appear for 4-5 minutes or more. (Sometimes they show up under the poster's profile, but not on the forum board itself.)  This leads to folks posting on top of one another and other glitches.  It was not a problem under IPS v3, and it is not a problem at any other forum I frequent.  Then here and now there, a post appeared/appears immediately.

I know this was discussed at length soon after the v4 upgrade.

And it may or may not be related...


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