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Can't auto update databases

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Thius seems to be an ongoing issue where MWB can't auto-update itself for some reason. If I manually click the Update Now/Fix buttons or do a Scan it does update fine. My Pc is on most of the time, the date/time is correct, and no other apps seem to have any network-related issues.

The same frustration moved me to log the issue earlier this year and I was advised to do a clean install etc. Of course this "fixed" this issue temporarily but of course deleted any evidence that might have found the smoking gun.

So here we are again. I've checked the app logs and can't find any errors.

Does anyone have any suggestions to do any root cause analysis? I'm not going to go through the rigmarole of a clean install etc. all over again so please don't ask!


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5 minutes ago, mrbrunes said:

Hi - thanks for the reponse.

Doh - just realised that I've got the free version running! (which I guess doesn't auto-update)



No, MBAM Free does not auto-update as a scheduled task, as there is no scheduler in the Free version.

However, MBAM Free will automatically check for updates as the first step in a manual scan.
As long as the computer is connected to the internet MBAM Free will update its databases before it runs that manual scan.
This was introduced as a safety feature in version 2.x, because many MBAM Free users under version 1.x did not know to or bother to update before scanning. This led to many false positives and false negatives and a lot of help desk tickets.

>>If the option is enabled to check for PROGRAM updates, MBAM will also check for program updates, not just database updates.


(P.S. The Trial and Premium versions will also check for updates before a MANUAL scan & before a scheduled scan (if the latter is configured in the Advanced scheduler settings).)

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