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Lifetime Membership Expired?

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Okay, I had to create an account on the forums just to ask this.

This happened to me once before but it sorted itself out within a day, its been three days now, and its still saying it expired and for my to purchase a one year premium membership.

I'm honestly kind of upset that this is happening. I forget when I bought it but I know it was in 2014. I would ask for a refund but the card I used to purchase it with was deactivated due to some fraud that was happening. So I'm afraid that won't end up happening.

Anyways, I would like for someone to please fix this issue for me.

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Hello and :welcome:

Unfortunately, the only folks who can help directly with sorting that out are the Support folks at the help desk.
We here at the forum do not have access to the necessary information to resolve such issues.


These would be the standard recommendations:

  • If you already have a ticket at the Help Desk, please try to be patient. The Help Desk is busy, and they are also assisting users with technical support and malware cleanup cases.
    • Please do not open multiple tickets there -- doing so will slow down the process and could delay their response to you.
  • If you do NOT already have a ticket at the Help Desk, you may open one HERE.
    • Please provide the Help Desk with as much of the following information as possible (but do NOT post this sensitive information here in this forum):
      • Name of purchaser
      • Email address of purchaser
      • Date of purchase
      • cleverbridge reference number (or details about the seller, if it was NOT malwarebytes online store)
      • MBAM license ID and Key information
  • Either way, please be sure to check your spam and junk mail folders, to verify that the emails from the Support team did not land there by mistake.

In the interim, you may wish to perform a CLEAN REINSTALL of MBAM -- the setup wizard will offer a 14-day Trial with the full, premium features, while you sort out the licensing issues. (1 Trial per PC per MBAM program version)

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