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Laptop hit by Zepto ransomware, can I recover files somehow?

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Hello, my dad's laptop got hit by Zepto ransomware.

I managed to remove it, I think. But now there are tons of files that were encrypted and I don't know how to recover them.

Used Shadow Explorer to try and browse Shadow Copy, it only has the copy of today, and the Zepto apparently hit 4 days ago.

Recuva was unable to recover the important files, I am running Pandora Recovery in case that helps more.

If there is anything else I could do let me know, if there is any information which might be useful for decrypting it mention it please!

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Hello @Twaah and :welcome:

Unfortunately at this time there is no way that I'm aware of to recover the files from this infection. You can read more about it from the following link.


The best option is to move all of those files that you want, off to an external USB drive and save them there in hopes that possibly a key is released at a future date in time. There have been a couple but normally unless the author releases the key it typically will remain encrypted and non recoverable.

Having good solid backups is one of the best option to avoid this in the future.

Backup Software




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There is a tool to recover AutoLocky which seems that the Zepto looks like a knock off of it. It's possible that soon maybe Trend or someone else may have a decryptor so keep your old data around at least for a while and see.


update.. I've been informed that Locky and AutoLocky are not the same. But hang in there, one never knows when or if a solution will popup.

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