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Is MBAM Anti-Malware Home (Premium) updating?

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Hello. I installed the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home (Premium) version onto my new pc (Windows 10 Home 64 bit) on 11th June 2016. It scans okay but has never once shown that it is updating. I am concerned that no updates have occurred since installation.
As per the forum I am aware that logs need to be attached for analysis. I hope I have attached the mbam check result log, Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 18-07-2016 and Additional scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 18-07-2016 correctly for your perusal as I am not very techie at all.
Thank you in advance for either confirming all is working well or to finding a solution as to why Malwarebytes is not updating accordingly. Kind regards and much appreciated

Additional scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool x64 Version 18.07.2016.txt

mbam check result log version

Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST).txt

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Hello and welcome, @Yas:

Your logs show that you have the current database (2016.07.20.01).

MBAM Premium can be configured through the scheduler silently to both check for update AND scan.

If you wish to be notified of successful update checks, please check to be sure you have the appropriate setting enabled under the Advanced settings in the scheduler, as shown in the attached screen shot.

Please let us know if you need more help.

Thank you,


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Hello and Welcome!

Your mbam-check log shows your DB to be:

Malware Database:                  2016.07.20.01

Mine is at 2016.07.20.02, which is only one version above yours, that only means that yours may not have caught up or done its update today, but yours is updating.

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Your screen shot is for the scheduled SCAN task, not for the scheduled UPDATE CHECK task.

But, it also shows that you have scheduled hourly scans -- you definitely do NOT want that. 

So, first, I suggest changing your scheduled scan to DAILY, not hourly.

Also, the recommended and default scan type is a THREAT scan -- there's no need to regularly run "custom" or "full" scans of all mounted volumes/drives.  That is a task better suited to your AV. 

Then, just edit your UPDATE CHECK task to hourly, and to show the notifications after successful update, if you wish.

When you are done, the recommended scheduled tasks would be:

  • Hourly update checks (with or without notifications, as you prefer) - just ONE scheduled update task
  • Daily threat scans (with or without "recovery options", as you prefer) - just ONE scheduled scan task

>>An alternate approach would be to DELETE both of your tasks in the scheduler and then recreate them from scratch with the correct settings.
>>Or you could perform a clean reinstall, which will clear out your settings and reset all of them to the recommended, default settings. To do that, please carefully follow ALL the steps in this tutorial: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x



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Hi, @Yas:

There's no need to apologize.:)

If you want us to check your settings, I suggest the following:

  1. First, please verify that when you click dashboard > settings > automated scheduling that you see only one task for update checks and only one task for threat scan?
  2. Next, please post new screen shots of the advanced settings for both the scheduled update task and for the scheduled scan task (this will be the fastest, most user-friendly way to confirm your settings).

Thanks again,

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The scan settings look OK.

The update settings are not quite what is recommended.  Unless there's a compelling reason to do so, there's no reason to use "Realtime" for the frequency.  As you have it configured, MBAM will check for updates exactly every 59 minutes.  That will work, but it's a bit cumbersome and it can create a bit of load on the update servers.

The suggested, default settings would be a schedule frequency of HOURLY, with a recurrence of every "1 HOUR" (or every "2 hours").
With those settings, MBAM will automatically check for updates every hour (or every 2 hours), +/- 15 minutes.
But, it's entirely up to you....

Please note: No matter what, there may not be an available update every time MBAM runs a check -- new databases are released 6 to10 (sometimes more) times a day.  If MBAM checks and there is no available update, there will be nothing in the log.  IOW, only those update checks that result in a new database will be logged.  And, unless the setting is enabled to show notifications after an update, the database updates will be silent (no popup notification).  (Program updates -- a few times a year -- generally require some sort of user interaction, e.g. to install and/or to reboot.)

>>BTW: you still have the setting DISABLED to "show notification after successful update".  Just checking to see if that's what you want???:unsure:


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Hi, @SloppyMcFloppy:

38 minutes ago, SloppyMcFloppy said:

I suggest you change Threat Scan to Hyper Scan onto schedule task because if Hyper Scan caught anything than you can run a Threat Scan manually. I find Hyper Scan is more quicker than Threat Scan and it's very effective. 

Actually, that is not the recommended approach.:(

The Hyper scan is faster because it is less thorough.  It is a feature left over from the old days of version 1, is not even available for MBAM Free, and is NOT recommended for routine use.

The reason is actually exactly what you stated: if anything is found, a Threat scan will be needed for full cleanup.

The reason the Threat scan is the recommended and default scan type is that it is configured to scan in all the places live malware may hide.   The Hyper scan is not as thorough.

As the goal in malware removal is to remove the threat as quickly as possible, there is no point in running Hyper scans, either manually or via the scheduler.
(Scans are really just a "second opinion" to get things that may have slipped through onto the computer -- the key feature of MBAM Premium is the real-time protection to help PREVENT infection.)

Finally, the OP's system specs are very robust -- there is no need to worry about scan times, especially since scheduled scans run silently, in the background.

@Yas, it's certainly up to you.  But I suggest following my original advice -- which is the recommended way to configure and run MBAM Premium.

Thank you,

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Thank you daledoc1. Yes I shall do as you requested. I did notice I needed to check the "Show notification after successful update" after I'd taken the screen shot and did so. It was after midnight here and I needed to get to bed ?. Also I forget which one, but the maximum setting was 59 mins on one of the settings. Will check again when I can. Am travelling interstate at the moment. Cheers and thanks again.

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6 hours ago, Yas said:

Also I forget which one, but the maximum setting was 59 mins on one of the settings. Will check again when I can.

Perhaps that might be because you selected "realtime" from the first drop-down menu?

We suggest HOURLY, and then a recurrence frequency of "1 hour" or "2 hours", in order to stay abreast of zero-hour and zero-day threats.



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Tee hee. Red face here. Thanks so much daledoc1 for guiding this technically challenged senior through this. Have finally got the recommended settings as very helpfully suggested by you.

Cheers and thanks again. You deserve a medal for your unflappable patience :D .

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