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Possible infections on machine. Backdoor.Poison Trojan.Upartre

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Hello I'm doing a scan on a client machine attached as an external usb on which recovery software has already been run.

Attempting to find evidence of keyloggers and remote access software that may have been installed.

Getting multiple results of Backdoor.Poison and Trojan.Upartre in a scan.

The Backdoor.Poison results when uploaded to virustotal come back saying MalwareBytes is the only one which is detecting these. Does this mean I am getting a false positive?

Was hoping there was some way I could send MalwareBytes the files to see if they are indeed malware. (apologies if this is not the correct place in the forum for this post.)

F:\icarefiles\1 NTFS\LostFiles2\drivers\OneKey_Recovery\Factory\OKR\LANGUAGE\DAN\f_001326

F:\icarefiles\1 NTFS\LostFiles2\drivers\OneKey_Recovery\Factory\OKR\LANGUAGE\DAN\f_001326_000


F:\icarefiles\1 NTFS\LostFiles2\drivers\OneKey_Recovery\Factory\OKR\LANGUAGE\DAN\f_0004ed

F:\icarefiles\1 NTFS\LostFiles2\drivers\OneKey_Recovery\Factory\OKR\LANGUAGE\DAN\f_0004ed_000


Any help would be much appreciated,




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