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MWB advisory to Manage Web Exclusions means what ? please

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I am an ardent maintainer by way of frequently scanning with MWB and Microsoft Security Essentials. 

Today I started getting occasional pop up notifications slowly appearing and disappearing in the lower right corner of my screen with information "Malicious Website blocked." 

Importantly it is advising me to use the facility of MWB to "Manage Web Exclusions."

I have gone to "manage web exclusions" and read it over and over, and don't understand what it means. I think it means to  have MWB to ignore a particular site as a threat.  Is this right ?  But since I don't know the site, I don't the threat. Can someone briefly explain this or direct me to a MWB resource that explains this more thoroughly ? 

I also don't know the significance of "outbound."  What does this mean please ?

Much thanks !

MWB advisory Malicious Website Blocked.png

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Hello deucy14.

Yes, do make sure the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware does have the latest database.

These IP blocks are related to some websites having ad networks that have been tagged as having dubious content.  What follows is my typical advice.

I would suggest a number of good practices.
Go into the Options ( settings) of Internet Explorer  ( and any other web browser you have).
Make sure that the POPUP blocker is ON.
Set the option on for rejecting (decline) 3rd-party cookies.

And in addition to all that:
Use a good browser extension ( add on) ad blocker.  If your pc has no ad blocker add-on for your browser(s), I would suggest uBlock Origin.
For Mozilla Firefox, use the Mozilla page at this link

For Google Chrome, see

For Internet Explorer browser:

For Opera browser, see

ALSO this too
To help totally block these types of  "popups" I would recommend to *only use Firefox browser* that also has the addon for
NoScript Suite Lite.
and just only use that when surfing the web.


As to the general meaning of IP blocks by the malicious website protection:

For Your  Information:
The IP Block message indicates that a potential risk was blocked by the malicious website protection.
It by default will always show each IP block occurrence.
The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Website Blocking feature will advise customers when a known or suspected malicious IP is attempted to be reached  (outgoing) or is trying access your PC.

Incoming threats can be ignored, our software is blocking the attack and there is nothing more that can be done.

No action is required unless you’re also experiencing malware symptoms or there are multiple IPs  (ex;123.23.34 and 4.44.56).
A browser is not required to be running, just an active Internet connection with processes running,
such as Instant messenger clients, SKYPE or P2P software to trigger these alerts.

These are also triggered by banner ads running on websites which is the most common form of alert

Windows Vista and Windows 7 & 8 will show the process, but Windows XP does not have the structure in place for this to be displayed by our software

Please see/review this reference on MBAM’s IP blocks


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A. S.  and Maurice Naggar........ THANK YOU.   Comprehensive and satisfying explanations.   It leaves no questions remaining.

One of the links provided by you Maurice had a link to d/l the user guides which I had forgotten about and which I am about to do. 

I appreciate the quick reply.  You remind me of why I am a life time subscriber.

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