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[RESOLVED] Thread reply errata

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I just attempted to reply to a long standing thread.  In the Sub-Forum listing it shows the last post and who made it.  I chose that and I should have been brought to the last post so I could reply.  Instead I was brought to the first post of that thread, created 12/2/'08.

I clicked on "Last Page" [ >> ]  and I replied.

Now when I view the Sub-Forum listing, I see I was the last to respond to that thread.  However, when I choose that thread to review my post, I am once again brought to the first post of that thread, 12/2/'08.   doh.gif

When I view the URL its shows...


but that directive suffix does not work.  It does not retrieve a "new" comment, it retrieves the "oldest" comment.  That being the first post of the thread.



The URL with that directive suffix gets the first reply to the first post in a thread.


The URL with that directive suffix works.  It obtains the last post made to the thread.



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Hi @David H. Lipman, sorry I missed this post.

Are you still seeing this issue?

Can you show me where/what you were trying to click?

I attempted to replicate the issue, but the URL when I mouse hover over "July 11" in the screenshot below does correctly say "do=getLastComment" and when clicked, does take me to the last comment of that thread.

last comment.jpg


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I no longer see it. 

As you have shown in your screenshot, the Last Post is represented by the Last Poster's Avatar, the Profile Link to the Last Poster and a Link to the Last post which does use the URL suffix of...


The listing no longer shows another Link that uses the following as a URL suffix which takes the Forum Member to the first topic of the thread.  By that link being removed, one no longer can choose it and wrongly access the first post of a thread. 

Now that that Link has been removed, the problem has been resolved.

Thank You !


NOTE:  Manually replacing the URL Suffix with the above still takes the Forum Member to the First Post of the thread.  However since the link using that syntax is no longer displayed it becomes a moot point. 


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