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After installing Malwarebytes AM and AE yesterday on a domain with five Windows 7 Pro PC's and one Windows 2008 R2 server, the users say their PC's are very slow, they can't print to a network printer and some programs won't open. One Windows 7 Pc where I didn't install both products works fine.

I'm assuming I may need to add exclusions to both products. Malwarebytes AM has the ignore list where I can add the programs and possibly the IP of the network printer. Is there something else that should be adjusted?

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Hello @tonytis

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the installation. You may wish to open a ticket with Business Support

They can assist you directly with your issues and get you fixed up. We could go through some logs here but often most business users don't like to post logs from work computers on a public forum.

Thank you



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Hi Ron,

Sorry for the late response. The client uses an application named Client Solutions for accounting. They have been using it for ten years and are on the latest version in Windows 7 in a Windows 2008 R2 domain. I installed MBAM and MBAE on the server and all workstations. Right after that, the complained they could not print and their applications were running very slow. it would take 30 minutes for their program to bring up the client info.

I was not available that day so all I could suggest is they uninstall both apps.  They did that and the problems were immediately resolved. This was a week ago. Is there anything I can do to determine what the problem was so I may reinstall the apps again and get them working properly? I purchased the business version of both apps through distribution for the server and all desktops in the office and can't get a refund on them .

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Hi @tonytis

The only obvious issue may be some sort of conflict with the antivirus program or some sort of IP or program block. Without logs from an affected system, it's difficult to say. In a remote chance if it was system level then it may be recorded in the Windows Event Logs. You might try reviewing the Event Logs from one of the affected systems to see if something was recorded. What antivirus are they using? When they do printing, is it over wireless or wired connections?

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