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Mapped drives not protected


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A business I look after had the newer CryptXXX infect a PC last week and malwarebytes nor the anti ransomware blocked it or found it on a scan.

I cleaned the PC by wiping it, then I rolled out MB Anti Ransomware again on all PCs.

Unfortunately again 3 days ago one of the client PCs became infected (diff computer this time), this time Anti Ransomware did partially work. It blocked the files from being encrypted on the local disk, but didn't protect the mapped drives so the servers got infected and crypted. Lucky for me I run daily backups, so restored with no data loss.

So yeah, it doesn't seem to protect mapped drives, just figured i'd let you know. Keep up the good work, this is going to be a very lucrative product for you.


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Hello SubZ82 and :welcome:

MBARW is in its Beta testing phase.  That means it is not recommended for installation on any work-related machine as the results may be unpredictable.  The MBARW Beta development team monitors this sub-forum, and they may weigh-in with future plans or suggestions.

Thank you for your interest in MBARW Beta testing program.

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Yes I understand it's not recommended, I don't mind taking the risk and it helps you better develop the product.


Hopefully they will add mapped or external drive protection to prevent the spread of these nasty viruses in future.



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