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Management Server doesn't update signatures

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We have a licensed version of Anti-Exploit, managed by the management server.
The problem is that since last thursday, when my colleague upgraded the management server/console, it doesn't update itself and the Admin/Signature/Update now button is greyed out.
I've already performed the followings:
- uninstall server and console
- drop sql database (we have backup)
- restart server
- rename programfiles(x86)\Malwarebytes folder
- reinstall from scratch

I've admin privileges on the server.
With the builtin admin account the button is also greyed out.
Server/console version:

Thanks in advance,

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If I'm right, antiexploit doesn't use signature database.
We only have antiexploit, we don't have antimailware, which uses it.
Probably this why the "Update now" button is greyed out.
Why the mb server sends out "signature database outdated" alerts in this case? How can we disable these messages?



Malwarebytes Management Server Notification
Alert Time: 7/11/2016 9:14:32 AM
Server Hostname: XXX
Server Domain/Workgroup: XXX
Server IP: XXX
Notification Catalog: System
Malware signature database is outdated by 1256 day(s).

Comment: This email was generated by Malwarebytes Management Server. Please do not reply to this message.



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  • Staff

Hello ludolf,


You are correct. If you only have the anti-exploit purchased, then the anti-malware database definition update does not apply to you. In case anyone in the future has this issue as well, you can find the area to disable this in the e-mail alerts by opening up the management console and going to the  admin pane>Email notifications Tab> change button> notifications tab. 

The option for it is 'signature database on server out dated'. Simply remove that checkbox and you won't be alerted by that in the future. 

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