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Where is tech support???????

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Hi, i've been dedicated user of Malwarebytes for many years. I've opened a simple support ticket a few days ago and have gotten absolutely no response from tech support. :blink:

I hope that this is just an accidental oversight and to get a response soon. If not, i won't be a happy customer......

Case # 1060134

John Y. 

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Hello and welcome back:

>>Just another home user here -- NOT a Malwarebytes employee<<

If you submitted an email ticket for the Help Desk, you ought to have received at least one "automated" email reply.
Since you have a case number, I assume that you did receive it?
If not, please check your junk mail and spam folders to verify that it did not land there by mistake.

A personal reply from a live support team may take a few days longer, depending on the volume of tickets, etc.
We will need to wait for a staff member/employee to look up your ticket number -- please be patient, as it is the weekend.

>>Until then: we can often resolve most basic technical issues here in the forum.  Perhaps if you tell us the nature of the issue, we might be able to assist you?<<

Thanks for your patience,

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Hi, I posted my ticket last tuesday and did get the reply. Support has usually been prompt. I needed one of my license keys reset so that i could use the software on a new replacement computer. That is why i thought the response would be quick because it is a simple issue.


John Y

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Thanks for the info.

There may have been a backlog of tickets after the July 4th holiday.  The support agents also handle problems with installing/running MBAM, malware removal, etc.

Normally, it is easy to TRANSFER a license from one computer to another.  I assume, however, that you ran into issues, such as "403" or "404" errors????

Alas, we here in the forum cannot directly resolve a license/activation issue.
We simply do not have access to the necessary information (purchase info, license info, activation servers, etc.).

Until a Malwarebytes employee has a chance to reply here or to your open help desk ticket, there is one workaround.
IFFFF you have not already used the 14-day Trial for this version of MBAM on this same computer, you can perform a clean reinstall: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.
You ought to be offered a 14-day Trial (with all the Premium features) that will buy you time until the license issue is resolved.
After 14-days, the program will revert to the Free, manual version if it has not been activated with a valid license.

NOTE: If you have already used the Trial on the system in question for version, this workaround will not apply.

I hope this helps a bit,

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Hi John,

I replied to your ticket # 1060134 earlier today.

There was an issue with your licenses, which had to be resolved internally. Please check your email inbox for additional details on this issue.


Teresa Santana   |   Customer Success

Malwarebytes   |   Crushes Malware. Restores confidence.

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