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Removing Anti-Exploit


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Hello Everyone,

Using Lenovo G585 laptop with Firefox 47.0.1 browser in use.

I have recently upgraded to W10.

Previously to downloading and Installing, I was informed that I should remove all my Anti Virus programmes etc. I did this with the exception of MWB Anti Exploit. I was refused the ability to remove it.

Now that I have W10, the remaining MWB Anti Exploit does not work.

I "removed" it through my Control Panel, but it remains situated in my programme folder (x86). When trying to delete/remove it it shows in it's own folder and I can neither remove the whole folder, on opening the folder I cannot remove the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, and on opening that I cannot remove the mbae64.sys. On each atempt I am informed that it is open in another programme.

I have some problems navigating around in my new W10 and this is proving a bit beyond my capabilities and being past my sell-by-date,  I would greatly appreciate some detailed advice!


Thank you in advance,





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Hello and welcome back:

It sounds from your post as if you have already removed MBAE from the Windows Control Panel and have rebooted, but you still have MBAE remnants on the system?

The first step would be to follow the advice here:

If you still have problems after that, then there is a special tool that will help to remove the remnants.  I suggest trying the steps here: How to remove MBAE leftovers after uninstall

It probably would not hurt to reboot the system again after running the tool.

You should be able to cleanly reinstall MBAE after that.  The link to download the program is HERE.  If you have MBAE Premium, you will likely need to reactivate it with your license key.

Please let us know if this resolves your issue.

Thank you,

P.S. As your reported issue relates to MBAE, rather than to MBAM, the forum mod team may move this thread to the MBAE Support area. No worries, though.;)

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I did a clean install of Windows 10 on both of my computers, which were running Windows 7 and had MBAE, MBAM, and Bitdefender installed.  I had no issues with removing all three programs before commencing the clean install.

If you right-click the MBAE icon in the lower right tray, you have the option to "Stop Protection."  Do that, and then check in the Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc) that the MBAE service(s) are stopped.  You can't delete files or uninstall when MBAE service are running, since the files are locked.  I would recommend that you uninstall MBAE.  Someone else will jump in, I am sure, but I also think that there is a folder in Program Data that needs to be deleted.  Personally, I use Revo Uninstaller Pro for uninstalling programs since it scans for, and gives you the option, to delete leftover files and registry entries.

Reboot your computer and reinstall your MBAE, and I am guessing that is should work.

One other note, there is a dedicated MBAE Forum, further down the list.  You have posted in the MBAM Help Forum, not the MBAE Help Forum.  Pedro and the MBAE team will get your issues sorted out.  The support here in this Forum, and that Forum, is outstanding.

Hope this helps.  Have a great day.


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Hello DaleDoc1, Garioch7 and pbust,

I have tried to reply twice and somehow the reply has been “lost”! I hope this one will remain long enough to post!


Pbust Advised – (I reply beneath your words.)

1- Reboot Windows 10

OK, I have re-done this.

2- Uninstall Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit from Control Panel

This has already been done it no longer shows in my Control Panel.


3- Reboot again

Not done as it has already been done as explained above.


4- Delete the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (if it exists)

Not able to do, as previously explained when this is attempted I am told that it cannot be done as it is open on another programme.


5- Delete the directory C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

It only appears in file x86.


6- Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit from here (same installer for both Free and Premium)

I did this and it told me that it was already in file x86 and did I wish to install it – I installed it and it still Does not Function!



DaleDoc1 advised to run the tool from the link – “How to remove MBAE leftovers after uninstall” which I did. After rebooting I checked the x86 folder and it still showed as being there. I again tried to delete it and, surprise surprise, it was deleted!

I then downloaded it from the link provided and, once again, Success!  When starting my Firefox it opens and informs me that my Firefox And Add Ons are protected.

So my grateful thanks to everyone for their assistance and advice.

That part of my problems is now sorted, now to contact some other forums and try to get the ‘glitches’ of my newly installed W10 sorted out – a real pain in the “you know where”! – I shall endeavour to give Kudos, if possible.


Kind regards,








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Hi, @Colinito

If I understand your post correctly, you have now successfully uninstalled and reinstalled MBAE on your computer?

If so, that's great -- I'm glad you were able to resolve your issue. Thank you for letting us know.

If not, please let us know if you need further assistance with MBAE.


P.S. As your reported issue relates to MBAE, rather than to MBAM, the forum mod team may move this thread to the MBAE Support area. No worries, though.;)

P.P.S. For help with Windows 10, you might want to try either bleepingcomputer.com or tenforums.com -- both places have many expert helpers and good tutorials.

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Hello DaleDoc1,

Thanks for your reply andtyou are very welcome. After all, it is only polite to render thanks when they are due!


Very astute of you to mention Bleeping Computers, I have reached out to them before and thay have been most helpful and solved all my issues. I hope that when I contact them reference my W10 issues, that they will be as helpful!

I looked for a place to give you a "problem solved" or "Kudos" but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to even mark the problem as "solved!" - apologies.










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Hello Ron Lewis,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Yesterday when I closed down the Anti Exploit was working fine and was announced when I opened up my Firefox browser, and it's icon was shown in my hidden icon box under the clock on the taskbar. However, today on starting up, it was not announced and the icon has dfisapeared from the box.

Looking at the file x86, it is there. So whatever has happend I do not know! I had a pop-up a notice that it had not started and would be terminated! So it seems that I am back to "square one." I never had these problems with W7! I am still toying with the thought of replacing W10 with my old OS of W7 as the problems and glitches I have with W10 are a little annoying!

I may go through all the hassle of removing it all over again and reinstalling Anti Exploit.



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  • Root Admin

Hello @Colinito

Yes, unfortunately, there are many users that have issues with different things from the Windows 10 upgrade. Typically one needs to do a very good clean up and clear up any errors in the Event Logs. Empty all temp files, ensure they have the latest drivers for Printers, Video cards, etc that are Windows 10 compatible. Microsoft only does a very basic check and then performs the upgrade. For the most part if works but it brings all the bad stuff with it which often makes it a bit more difficult to clean up.

I've had a few users that have had to roll back to Windows 7, clean up the computer as described above. Then do the upgrade again. Myself I despise upgrades and on one system formatted the drive and installed a clean install. On another computer, I had to buy a new license as it was not an OEM computer and would not validate the license from a clean hard drive. I know most people aren't willing to pay if they can get it free, but I'd rather have peace of mind than squabble over the cost of the OS. If I really don't have the money then I'd stay with Windows 7 or in some cases possibly use one of the Linux flavors.

I'll go ahead and move your topic over to the MBAE forum where someone can help you take a deeper look at what's going on though. But if you're wanting to roll back Windows let them know so that the both of you don't waste too much time on the issue.

Also probably best to get some Diagnostic Logs to see what's going on with your computer.


Please read the following and post back the 3 requested logs as an attachment.
Diagnostic Logs


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Hello Ron Lewis,

Thank you for your most helpful reply.

After I had posted my last reply to you, I activated the removal tool again and, after checking that it had gone, I re-installed Anti Exploit. It showed as installed in the x86 folder.  then did a re-boot and Anto Exploit is now operating! I have booted up again this evening and it is still working, so hopefully it will continue to do so!

I will willingly do the three scans that you asked me for if you think they would be of benefit to both yourself and me. My only real problem is that when I switch on power, the Windows blue icon shows in the centre of the screen. It will stay there indefinitely. I have to press the power button to cut the power then press it again to power it on again,  then W10 will start "normally"!

I can "live" with this problem even though it is convenient!







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