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Win 7 64 bit laptop Network Security Stopped, malware?

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Hp laptop running windows 7 64 bit pro. Multiple error events and stopped security services. Browser links appearing in text of web pages viewed.

Running Avast Premium and I guess that's why I'm now infected with something.

Attached find FRST.TXT and ADDITION.TXT files.

Requesting a helper on East Coast of USA due to previous problems with time zones and an overseas helper.




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I will be guiding you as we go forward.  I do need to see other diagnostic information from this system, so that I can see about pinning down the source of this issue.

I would like to ask that you always attach any report or file I ask for, from time to time. Just a regular attachment.

I see that this machine has a older verion of our software:  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version
Can you advise why it does not now have version 2.2.1 ?

Kindly provide details on what you noted <<stopped security services>>.  Which ones ?

Tell me, when was the last time this machine was scanned by your Avast antivirus program ?
The last time you ran a threat scan with Malwarebytes ?

Please open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Open Malwarebytes (MBAM) > History > Quarantine > Delete All
Open Malwarebytes (MBAM) > History > Application Logs > Delete All

Click the Settings Tab
Click Advanced Settings make sure Enable Self-Protection Module is unchecked

Now Right Click the MBAM icon down by the clock and select *Exit*

Install the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware latest version 2.2.1  by first following the link below.

Then Save the file to your system   ( either Downloads folder or the Desktop).

Save the file and RIGHT-click the setup-file and select Run as Administrator  to begin the installation.
and reply YES when prompted to allow the setup to proceed and run.
It will install over the top of the prior program version.

Then after the setup has finished, on the Dashboard screen, press the Update now link.

Restart the pc when all done.  Just please right click Start >>  shutdown  >> and select Restart.


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Ok, thanks Maurice,

I may have been scammed since I was having problems with my cable internet (turned out a squirrel chewed through the wire at the pole) but in the process I wanted to do a speed test from speedtest.net, but accidentally typed the dot com suffix and I got this big warning screen that looked like it was from my cable supplier and it said my account has been "flagged" for multiple virus and trojans and gave me an 800 # to call. The person at the other end (which I thought was my cable company) took control of my screen and "showed me" all these supposed instances where my "anti-virus was shut down" , etc. They wanted $260 to do a virus scan and clean before I would be "let" back on the internet. Smelled like a scam at that point, so I hung up. Haven't had a problem for years with Malwarebytes and Avast running but I decided to do the FRST.exe scan and send it to you guys. Avast premium scan showed up nothing, Malwarebytes scan showed nothing malicious or PUP. The avast scan live function occasionally flags a malicious website but not too often, plus it does a comprehensive overnight scan twice a week. (again, nothing malicious ever found) I had Malwarebytes premium running but I disabled the continuous monitoring function as the combination of both Avast live and Malwarebytes live was slowing everything to a crawl. (possibly wrong settings???)

Also I was notified by my bank that my debit card number was compromized and I had to cancel and replace that. Coincidental? Not sure. It was around the same time as this other trouble. Don't know why Malwarebytes hasn't updated. Will follow your instructions and update, them inform you as to the result.



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Thanks for the details you provided ( above).  Never, ever call a telephone number that shows up out of the blue !  In addition, you gotta have situational awareness as well.

Neither a antivirus program nor our Malwarebytes software would ever show you to "call some telephone number" !

Hard lesson learned;  but one to never forget.

Avoid tech support scams:
This video features info from Microsoft and appears to be also sponsored by AARP.  Well done and easy to understand.
This is "the link":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvh9TZ-pGRs&feature=youtu.be

"Beware of US-based Tech Support Scams":https://blog.malwarebytes.org/fraud-scam/2014/08/beware-of-us-based-tech-support-scams/

"see our Tech Support Scams – Help & Resource Page":https://blog.malwarebytes.org/tech-support-scams/

Plus these as well.



You reported that Avast scan reported no virus; no infection.  That is great.

I would recommend you get a Premium subscription to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware so that your pc has real-time protection.

make sure that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has all the latest definitions, look for the blue-icon for MBAM on the Taskbar, right-click on it and select *Check for Updates*.

Go into the Options ( settings) of Internet Explorer  ( and any other web browser you have).
Make sure that the POPUP blocker is ON.
Set the option on for rejecting (decline) 3rd-party cookies.

And in addition to all that:
Use a good browser extension ( add on) ad blocker.  If your pc has no ad blocker add-on for your browser(s), I would suggest uBlock Origin.
For Mozilla Firefox, use the Mozilla page at this link

For Google Chrome, see

For Internet Explorer browser:

For Opera browser, see

*ALSO this too*
To help totally block these types of  "popups" I would recommend to *only use Firefox browser* that also has the addon for
*NoScript Suite Lite.*
and just only use that when surfing the web.

We have a free version Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE) that protects against exploit attacks in your browsers and Java, and a paid version that also protects additional applications such as MS Office.

I would recommend you install the Anti-Exploit in free use mode.

Let me know if there is something else left, related to this case.

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Glad we could help. :)If you need this topic reopened, please send a Private Message to any one of the moderating team members. Please include a link to this thread with your request. This applies only to the originator of this thread.Other members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread. Thanks!

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